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Fossil Gen 10 Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling Feature, Free Leather Strap

Fossil Gen 10 Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling Feature, Free Leather Strap

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Fossil Gen 10 Smartwatch latest model with Bluetooth calling feature and free leather strap (MASTER COPY)

Introducing the Gen 10 Smartwatch, the latest model that combines cutting-edge technology with a touch of elegance. This premium first copy timepiece comes with an array of impressive features that will enhance your daily life. Let's explore the exceptional functionalities that make this smartwatch a must-have accessory.

  • Jieli 2nd Gen dual core chipset
  • Boot animation of Fossil logo
  • Fluent pictures
  • Multiple UI Menus
  • Various beautiful dials
  • Wireless charging
  • Spotlight clock
  • Dual Bluetooth Connectivity v4.2 / 3.0
  • HD Clear View Screen With 650Nits Brightness
  • Watch faces From App Store + Set Custom Wallpaper from Phone Gallery
  • High grade Aluminum Body
  • Pedometer / Sleep Monitor / Deep Sleep – Light Sleep Monitoring Night Mode
  • Heart Sensor With 24/7 Monitoring / Blood Pressure / Heartbeat Pulse Count
  • Fitness Mode with Different Sports Category to Calculate Heartbeat / Calorie Burnt / Step Count
  • BT Calling / BT Music / BT Camera / Phone Book / Call Log
  • Dialer / Calculator / Alarm / Message / Notification / Calendar / Sedentary Reminder
  • Motion Sensor with Built in G – Sensor
  • Flip To Mute Incoming Call
  • Flip To Mute Alarm
  • Wake Up Gesture
  • Shake To Answer
  • Shake To Switch Main Menu
  • Anti Lost / Vibration Alert

Stay connected effortlessly with the Bluetooth calling feature, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist. Its Jieli 2nd Gen dual-core chipset ensures smooth performance and swift responsiveness, while the Fossil logo boot animation adds a touch of sophistication when you power it on.

Immerse yourself in a visual delight with the fluent pictures showcased on the HD clear view screen. With a brightness level of 650Nits, the vibrant display ensures optimal visibility even under bright sunlight. Choose from a wide range of beautiful dials to match your style and mood, and for further personalization, set a custom wallpaper from your phone gallery.

Crafted with a high-grade aluminum body, this smartwatch exudes durability and refinement. Its sleek design seamlessly blends fashion and technology. The included free leather strap adds a luxurious touch, making it perfect for any occasion.

Experience the convenience of wireless charging, eliminating the hassle of tangled cables. The spotlight clock feature adds a touch of glamour, while the dual Bluetooth connectivity (v4.2 / 3.0) ensures seamless pairing with your devices.

Stay on top of your health and fitness goals with the built-in pedometer, sleep monitor, and deep sleep-light sleep monitoring night mode. The heart sensor provides 24/7 monitoring, while the blood pressure and heartbeat pulse count features help you keep track of your vital signs. Engage in various sports activities and let the fitness mode calculate your heart rate, calorie burnt, and step count with precision.

The Gen 10 Smartwatch is not just a timepiece but a multifunctional companion. Enjoy the convenience of BT calling, BT music, and BT camera, allowing you to manage your phone calls, play your favorite tunes, and capture memorable moments effortlessly. Access your phone book, call log, and receive notifications right from your wrist. Additional features like dialer, calculator, alarm, message, notification, calendar, and sedentary reminder provide further utility throughout your day.

Experience seamless interaction with the smartwatch's motion sensor and built-in G-sensor. Flip to mute incoming calls or alarms, wake up the screen with a simple gesture, and answer calls or switch between main menu options by shaking your wrist. The anti-lost and vibration alert features ensure you never miss a beat.

In summary, the Gen 10 Smartwatch is the epitome of style and innovation. With its impressive features, refined design, and seamless functionality, it's the perfect companion for the modern man. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to own the latest model of the Fossil smartwatch collection.

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